Netted grain cleaner OZS series

Netted grain cleaner OZS series


The cleaner is used for preliminary separation of grain heaps of cereals, pulses, cereal crops and rape from heavy impurities.

Product Features

Structure and functioning

The feeding auger evenly spreads grain heaps across the width of the machine and drives them to the netted conveyor, which separates big impurities. To make the process more intensive, the driven side of the conveyor is shaken by activators. The material, which passed through the conveyor nets, is separated in two flows and loaded by the feeders into the aspiration channel.

The air flow created by the fan separates light impurities, which go to the setting chamber, and are then removed from the machine by the screw conveyor. The return air is cleaned from aspiration impurities in the cyclone.

Model OZS-50 OZS-100
Capacity*, tons per hour 50 100
Installed power of the electric motors, kW, including 10,8 12,0
— spreading auger and separator drive 2,2 3,0
— feeder and unloading auger drive 1,1 1,5
— fan drive 7,5 7,5
Weight, kg 1100 1500
Dimensions, mm 2950×1850×2400 3600×1900×2800

* - of wheat the humidity of up to 20%, impurity up to 10%

  • effective air cleaning system with two horizontally and vertically displaced areas of material feeding into the aspiration channel provide for the high capacity of the separator;
  • the activators work «sparingly», increasing the operating life of the netted conveyor;
  • the netted conveyor is replaced through the front access door, without the dismounting of driven mechanisms, which makes this operations much less labor-consuming;
  • a number of access doors and inspection windows make the service and maintenance of the machine more convenient;
  • the autonomous open-circuit aspiration system with the filtration of the return air in cyclones significantly reduces the dust level of air in the working area and makes the operating conditions more comfortable.