Air-and-screen separator SVR series

Air-and-screen separator SVR series


The separator is used for preliminary separation of grain heaps of cereals, pulses, cereal crops and rape from impurities, different from the main crop in geometric parametric parameters and aerodynamic qualities.

Product Features

Structure and functioning

Air-and-screen separator includes a screen unit, an aspiration block (or aspiration stations) and a feed bin (or grain distributors). Grain material is loaded into the feed bin and evenly spread by the dosing device across the width of the screen unit, the body frames of which make circular vibrations. The upper screen separates big impurities, while the lower one separates complementary seeds. The sieve segments of the screens are cleaned by rubber balls.

After the screen unit the grain material goes to the aspiration block. The feeder evenly drives the grain to the aspiration channel, where light impurities are separated and taken to the setting chamber, and are then removed from the machine by the screw conveyor. The return air is cleaned from aspiration impurities in the cyclone.

Model SVR-15 SVR-30
Capacity*, tons per hour 15 30
Installed power of the electric motors, kW, including 0,75
— feed bin drive 0,55 0,75
— screen bodies drive 1,1 1,5
— aspiration bin drive 9,0
— closed aspiration bin drive 4,0 8,0
Weight, kg 1100 1450
Maximum square of the screen surface, m2 3 6
Maximum dimensions, mm 2500×1700×2600 3350×3050×2600

* - of wheat with the humidity of up to 15%, impurity up to 3%

  • the feed bin feeds the grain material in doses and evenly spreads it across the width of the screen unit;
  • safety ropes and the built-in circular vibrations control sensor provide for the high security during the use of the machine;
  • the aspiration of screen bodies prevents the accumulation of light impurities inside the separator;
  • the screen bodies and frames are made of galvanized sheet metal;
  • the structure of screen frames allows for quick replacement of screen when changing the grain type;
  • the autonomous open-circuit aspiration system with the filtration of the return air in cyclones significantly reduces the dust level of air in the working area and makes the operating.