Designed for :

  • grain spikelets
  • leguminous plants
  • cereal crops
  • corn
  • rape plant with initial humidity up to 35%

Productivity :

for an hour of the basic operating time of 60 t / h for raw wheat grain with a decrease in humidity from 20 to 14%.

Fuel type :

Diesel / Natural gas / Wood

Product Features

The complex provides a round-the-clock mode of operation during the harvesting period. The complex is intended for use at agricultural enterprises with an annual production volume of 20,000 tons per year. The complex can be used at bakeries and feed mills. The complex can be connected to a mechanized granary.

Model range ЗСК-60ШЖА ЗСК-60ШГА
Productivity for raw wheat grain at reducing humidity from 20% to 14%, ton per hour 60
Rated heat power, kW 6000
Heating unit, quantity 2
Type of energy consumed Heat and electrical
Fuel type Diesel Natural gas
Interval of heat carriev temperature adjustment, °С 40-120
Specific fuel consumption at reducing humidity from 20% to 14%, kg per ton 7,5 8
Electric circuit voltage, V 220/380
Electric motors power, kW 280
Machine is preliminary cleaning, quantity 2
Primary cleaning machine, quantity 2
Productivity of the machine is preliminary cleaning, ton per hour 100
Productivity of the primary cleaning machine, ton per hour 30
Grain chain elevators, quantity 5
Capacity of grain chain elevators, tons per hour, not less 100
Drag conveyors, quantity 5
Capacity of drag conveyors, tons per hour, not less 100
Maintenance staff, persons 2
Overall dimensions, m 20,5×40×26
Weight, ton 150000
Service life, years 15
  • grain dryer СЗШ-60МА;
  • collecting bin БВ-60МА;
  • receive-feeding equipment AMKODOR 501021;
  • grain cleaning section AMKODOR 50247.00.000;
  • section for preliminary grain cleaning ОЗС-100;
  • two machines for prior grain cleaning СВР-30;
  • five grain chain elevators НЗ-100;
  • operator cab;
  • control system;