Designed for :

  • grain spikelets
  • leguminous plants
  • cereal crops
  • corn
  • rape
  • sunflower with an initial moisture content of up to 35%

Productivity :

for an hour of the basic operating time of 30 t / h for raw wheat grain with a decrease in humidity from 20 to 14%.

Fuel type :

Diesel / Natural gas

Product Features

Model range СЗШ-10МЖ СЗШ-10МГ
Productivity for raw wheat grain at reducing humidity from 20% to 14%, ton per hour 10
Rated heat power, kW 1000
Heating unit, quantity 1
Type of energy consumed Heat and electrical
Fuel type Diesel Natural gas
Interval of heat carriev temperature adjustment, °С 40-120
Specific fuel consumption at reducing humidity from 20% to 14%, kg per ton 7,5 8
Electric circuit voltage, V 220/380
Electric motors power, kW 45
Holding capacity of grain dryer with a density of 0,75 t/m3 20
Quantity of drying sections 1
Grain chain elevators, quantity 2
Capacity of grain chain elevators, tons per hour, not less 20
Drag conveyors, quantity 2
Capacity of drag conveyors, tons per hour, not less 20
Maintenance staff, persons 1
Overall dimensions, m 13,2×16,5×3,6
Weight, ton 18000
Service life, years 15