Collecting bins

Collecting bins


Collecting bins represent a tank for the accumulation of dry grain prior to its unloading to automotive transport, are made of galvanized steel with zinc covering density of 275 g/m2. The bin contains of a tank, in the upper part of which level unit is installed, discharging funnel with an electric polster, ladder with fencing for lifting. The bins are located on metal construction which ensures the passage of trucks.

Technical characteristics of collecting bins

БН-40 БН-60 БН-80 БН-100
Type Assemblable galvanised bunker of rectangular cross-section or round cross-section with prefabricated welded supporting metalwork and vertical ladder for service
Bin capacity, m3 40 60 80 100
Cumulative life, h, not less 6000
Service lifetime, years, not less 15
Overall dimensions, m 8,5×4,4×4,4 10×4,4×4,4 11,5×4,4×4,4 13×4,4×4,4
Weight, ton 7 8 9 10