Conic grain silos


From above the silo is covered with a conic rafter roof. For lateral corrugated wall sides of the silo the sheeting with thickness from 1,0 to 3 mm is used. The sheeting is set in rows, and in lower rows they are thicker than in upper rows. In order to ensure full water resistance of the silo throughout the whole lifetime the sheeting is compacted with vulcanizing mass. For connection of lateral wall sides bolts with hermetic gasket are used. The silo is equipped with sampling stations of grain moisture probe.

Additional equipment of silos :

  • Gallery above the silo;
  • Ventilation system of silos;
  • Ventilating fans;
  • Silo’s thermometry system;
  • Sensor of upper and lower level of silo’s charging;
  • Automated control system with visualization.
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