Receiving-feeding devices

Receiving-feeding devices


Receiving-feeding devices are designed for receiving and feeding a grain heap to the elevator of the pre-cleaning department of the grain. Have adjustments to the productivity (feed), ensuring the stable operation of the pre-cleaning machines. Loading of the receiving-feeding device is carried out by a bucket loader or dump trucks.

According to the decision of the customer and the design organization, the receiving and feeding device can be located below or above the zero mark.

Technical characteristics of Receiving-feeding devices

Model АМКОДОР 50821 АМКОДОР 501021 АМКОДОР 501521
Feeding capacity of grain, ton per hour 80 100 150
Flight Conveyors, quantity 1 1 1
A way to control capacity Hand, control of the control flap
The principle of transportation of grain Continuous drawing
Protection against atmospheric precipitation Fabric awning with manual installation
Volume bin, m3 50 50 50
Electric motors power for grain transportation, kW 7,5 9,2 15
Conveyor chain speed, m/s 0,5
Overall dimensions, m 14,7×2,42×2,65 15×3,1×4,2 15×3,1×4,2
Weight, ton 7,7 8,0 9,0