Grain chain elevators

Grain chain elevators

Composition of grain chain elevator :

  1. Bin
  2. Shaft
  3. Tape with buckets
  4. Service platform
  5. Head
  6. Ladder
  7. Boot drum
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Product Features

The chain elevator is designed for vertical movement (lift) of all types of grain as well as fodders. The principle of operation of the chain elevator is in scooping grain from the boot drum, its elevation and centrifugal unloading in the head.

  • made from high-quality galvanized steel;
  • pockets and head of the chain elevator are 100% are lined with durable polyethene;
  • self-supporting chain elevators;
  • antistatic belts are used;
  • equipped with sensors of grain support, control of speed of the belt;
  • possibility of installation of explosion reliefs, local filters;
  • possibility of full disassembly and assembly of chain elevator by ‘non-destructive’ method;
  • motor reduction unit with thrust, to dampen irregular nature of rotation;
  • torque backup on the output shaft of the drive is not less than 20%.