Air heaters with heat exchanger

Air heaters with heat exchanger


Air heaters with a heat exchanger are designed to generate a coolant (clean heated air) to the bottom temperature (max +120 °C), for operation with dryers with a capacity of 15-50 planned ton per hour, heating of industrial premises.

Fuel type :

  • firewood
  • wastes of logging
  • woodworking waste
  • diesel fuel
  • fuel oil
  • oil
  • natural and liquefied gas

Technical characteristics of Warm Air Generators

Model ВУ-Т-1,5 ВУ-Ж-2,0 ВУ-Г-2,0
Type Stationary
Method control hand automatic automatic
heat power, kW 1500 2000 2000
Volumetric supply of heated air, m3 per hour 40000-65000 40000-65000 40000-65000
Degree of heating of air, °C 40-100
Fuel type Wood Diesel Natural gas
Fuel consumption 760 kg per hour 200 kg per hour 230 m3 per hour
Electric circuit voltage, V 220/380
Electric motors power, kW 6,0 5,5 4,5
Overall dimensions, m 11,29×3,27×2,6
Weight, ton 14,75 14,49 14,39